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    Display a title window from action script class




      I am a newbie in the Flex development and still learning some of the very basic concepts. I am currently stuck in a situation where I have to open a title window from an action script class. The content of the title window depends on the output received from the server which in handled in one of the result handler method in the action script class. In a way I cannot use something like given below in my .as class file :-


      var myTtlWindow:MultipleMMSelectPanel = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this,MultipleMMSelectPanel,true) as MultipleMMSelectPanel;


      This is giving me an error message:


      "Implicit coercion of a value of type MdpController to an unrelated type flash.display:DisplayObject."


      Here my class name is MdpController.as which actually handles all the result handlers of serer class.


      I would appreciate if anyone can suggest me the right way of doing this.