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    Cine Film scratches

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      Any suggestions on a good clean up program to remove quite heavy scratches etc from 'converted to AVI 'Cine film?



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          its sorta a trade between losing sharp focus and getting rid of scratches...

          ( eg. dust and scratches )

          as you get rid of stuff you also lose some sharpness of image... is very hard to do this stuff...


          sometimes you can pick particular color channels and do it but it really takes a sorta like expert person to eek out the best product.. and Im no expert... but maybe theres a sorta simple way to do a test to see where your most dominant 'scratches' are.. and do some filter on that .. if you know how photoshop works re: this sort of thing.. its basically the same problem...


          good luck


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            shooternz Level 6

            Some clone and paint  work in After Effects or you could try Revival in Da Vinci Resolve.