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    Displaying all off the captured screen


      I'm a trying to display all of the screen inside the displayed Captivate frame with out the need to scroll down or to the left to display the screen. Any ideas


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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi WowRonin and welcome to this part of cyberspace.

          If you are talking about capturing the full screen as viewed by the user, then you would set Captivate to record full screen at the recording set up just prior to selecting "Record". The problem lies in the publishing of this project as only the exe output with full screen selected would faithfully display the exact screen back. So, if the exe output would work for you then that should be your answer, but if you need the output to be in swf format, then you would have scroll bars in by default.

          Another option is to record slightly smaller than full screen, by using the "custom size" option before recording and then resizing the application you want to record to fit the window. You will need to experiment to get the sizing right, but then you could publish swf full screen and not have those scroll bars.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi WoW Ronin

            In addition to what Andrew kindly offered up, there are another couple of options.

            1. Instead of linking to the .HTM page designed to present your Captivate, point directly at either the .SWF or the _skin.SWF file. If you do this, the .SWF should scale to fit the browser at whatever size it is open. Keep in mind that this will also cause a degradation of quality, as raster images don't look too well when scaled.

            2. Another forum member suggested editing the Captivate .HTM page created so that instead of specifying pixel sizes, you specify 100%. However, I've tested this and it only seems to work for IE, not Firefox. Additionally, the same caveats apply as listed earlier.

            Cheers... Rick