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    RH9 and XML output - passing build tags




      I've just upgraded to RH9 and have found out that the XML output options are different from RH7 - the RH7 Export Handler "Export Topics to XHTML"  has  disappeared and the other options no longer allow you to retain conditional build tags in the XML output. Instead, the tag is removed (if tag is to be included in compile), leaving the content as is, or the tag and content is removed (if tag excluded).


      As some background, we used the RH7 Export Handler "Export Topics to XHTML" option to strip down the size of our localized content - included tags stay in the XML,exclude tags actually remove content. The XML is reimported into a translatable project where the retained tags (e.g., UserGuide or Help) are used to restrict content to Help or generated User Guide after translation.


      Has anyone any experience of this area of RH9? Woulld you know if this is a bug or by design, or if a workaround is possible? Are there other ways of cutting down projects for translation while having build tag control in your localized versions?


      This breaks my solution for cutting down UK/US help content big time - this has saved a lot on localization costs!


      Many thanks

      Andy Capstick