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    Panning Effect in Website




      In the website above, the creator allows you to pan in all directions, and he has multiple layers panning at different speeds to give the illusion of depth.

      I was not able to find a tutorial on how this could be achieved. There were only tutorials for single images, and they were not as effective as what this website does.

      The panning on this website seems to be very smooth as well, speeding up and slowing down the faster you move toward the edge.

      How is this achieved?


      Would anyone be able to refer me to a tutorial (free or commercial) that can effectively teach me how to do this?

      Should I look into getting different software like Toonboom? I'd rather not, but if that makes things much easier, then I shall.


      Sorry to make a second help topic so soon... I'm very new to Flash website design.


      Oh, and my website has a fluid layout, if that makes a difference.