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    redirect link: page that launches help from outside of the folder.

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      This should be a simple question for anyone who understands relative links.  Rather than dig into a folder and sort the contents to find the index.html (Start page for online help), I want to have a file that sits outside the help folder, that is not a shortcut, that redirects to the index.


      I've learned all I can from



      I created a webpage in notepad, and saved it as onlineHelp.htm:



      <TITLE> Redirecting to Online help start page... </TITLE>
      <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=".\OnlineHelpFiles\index.htm">




      onlineHelp.htm and the OnlineHelpFiles folder with the generated project files sit together in a folder.


      When I click onlineHelp.htm, my browser launches a rattling set of clicks as it tries and fails to load the index.htm page.


      What am I doing wrong?



      It's beside the point, but this is for a test of online help files residing on an iPad that has no network connection.