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    Your experience with Modify Clip "Stereo" or "Mono as Stereo"

    rowby Level 1

      Using CS5.


      When recording my project our audio was recorded externally.  I have all my audio tracks recorded as mono and I want to use all of the tracks as stereo.


      I found instructions on how to do it, but I have some questions.


      I highlight an unused audio clip on my project panel and then use Clip> modify > Audio channels.


      Among the choices are Mono, Stereo, Mono as Steeo and 5.1


      Since my clips are mono, I assume I should select "Mono as Stereo".   But is there a subtle difference to selecting "Stereo".?


      In addition, I want to fill both right and left tracks with the recording that was recorded in mono.  I would like to avoid having to use the audio effects fill right / fill left.  I assume using either "Mono as Stereo" or "Stereo" will fill both right and left tracks -- but, again, is there some subtle differences -- or best practices?