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    Deleting files


      Help for Premiere Elements:

      Want to delete a file (picture) in the Task Panel without removing it from the scenenline.  How is this done?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          By Task Panel, do you mean the Project's Panel?


          If so, that will not be possible, as it would then be removed from the Sceneline and Timeline.


          Why do you wish to delete this file from the Project, if it is going to be used in the Project? There might be another way to accomplish something similar, but knowing what you wish to accomplish would be very helpful.


          Good luck,



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            JackBensonn Level 1

            Dear Bill Hunt,

            Thanks for responding to my Premiere Elements problem. I do a lot of still and video shooting—Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.  All the files are loaded into the task panel—can be as many as 75-- and then placed individually into the scene line. I then make a DVD for the customers.   As each shot or batch of shots, either video or still, are placed into the scene line, I would like to delete it from the task panel as it was already used.  This is where I run into problems as it won’t let me delete individual video or stills without deleting it from the scene line also. Premiere Elements 9 would let me do that but 10 won’t.  Is there a way to do that?

            Thanks for your time.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Until you finish your Project, you cannot Delete used Assets from the Project Panel. If you do, they will be Deleted from both the Sceneline and Timeline. Now, when you are done, I'd Archive the Project, check that all Assets have been gathered too, and then you can Delete all the Assets, that you wish.


              May I ask why you would want to Delete Assets from the Project Panel, when they are in use?


              Now, if you were Deleting Assets, while in use in a Project, then you were in the Organizer Tab, which is but a cataloging mini-program, and is not tied to the Project.


              Good luck,



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                Nash_John Level 3

                Hi Jack,


                I Pre9 you had two things where you can see your media (1) in Media Panel, and (2) in Project Panel

                Media panel was just a kind of catalog as Bill said. It included every media you imported in PrE

                Project Panel contained files which you actually used in your projects

                When you drag drop a file from Media panel to timeline, it automatically gets added to Project Panel.

                You can delete files in Pre9 from Media panel, but they still remain onj timeline, because they are added to the project panel.

                If you delete them from the project panel in PrE9 also, they will be removed from your timeline.


                What had happened in PrE10, is that there is only one panel now, i.e. Media, which is actually the project panel of PrE9.


                You can keep files in the Media panel, without really caring about them.

                I dont think that there is some good reason to delete them from the Media panel.

                In your project files, only links(relative location on disk) to your media is included and not the actual media, so it does not take disk space.