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    AME not launching (HELP!)

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I have a project due this evening (of course).  The first thing that happened in this sequence of problems is I used AME to encode a 40 minute H.264 .mp4 file, and nearly the entire forty minutes was a single frame (the video froze at about the 15 second mark).  Now I'm trying to re-encode the project, and AME won't launch.  I've tried sending the project to the AME queue from within Premiere and I've tried launching AME directly.  Either way, I see the splash screen for a few seconds, and then it goes away and nothing happens.  I've re-booted the computer twice and retried the process.  Currently, I am encoding the project directly from within Premiere, and I hope it works.  But I would like to know what I need to do to fix my problem with AME.




      Windows 7 64-bit

      Nvidia GTX460



      J. D.

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          jdmack01 Level 1

          Just want to bump this one up.  Probably shouldn't have posted just before the Christmas holiday.


          J. D.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            I'm on Mac, and don't know whether this will help a Windows user, but rebooting the computer resolves most of my problems (and I have plenty) with AME.  You could also try deleting the prefs. 


            I've noticed that some codecs cause more problems than others.  AME isn't the app I'd use for general purpose transcoding.  It's too unreliable.  Quicktime Pro or MPEG Streamclip is what I'd go to first.  They don't just stop in the middle, exit unexpectdedly, or produce erratic results.

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              SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

              Hi J.D.,


              I've seen an AME export hold a frame as you described when there were blank spots in the timeline. Zoom in on the problem area to frame level and see if there is perhaps a gap in the timeline at the point where it freezes.


              To reset Premiere prefs, hold down the SHIFT key while launching Premiere.


              Hope this helps


              Jeff Pulera

              Safe Harbor Computers

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                jdmack01 Level 1

                Thank you all for your responses.  For the benefit of anyone in the future who has this same problem, here is the solution (provided to me by Adobe tech support).


                In Windows 7, click on start


                Type %appdata% in the "search programs and files" field and press "enter"


                Open Adobe folder


                Open Adobe Media Encoder folder


                Rename the" 5.5" folder "Old 5.5" (or delete it)


                Now everything should work fine.


                J. D.