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    How to create summaryRow for HeirarchicalData in AdvancedDataGrid?

    Pratap Reddy Level 1
      Am working with AdvancedDatagrid..
      Following arraycollection i used as Heirarchical Data for Dataprovider of ADG.

      [AS]private static var dpHierarchy:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      children: [
      children: [
      {Region:"Gross Forecast",
      children: [{Region:"Open Forecast"}]},
      {Region:"Net Forecast", value:"20"}]},
      children: [
      {Region:"Sales Order",
      children: [
      children: [
      {Region:"Negotiation", value:"100"},
      {Region:"Authorization", value:"200"},
      {Region:"Published", value:"300"},
      {Region:"Open", value:"400"}]

      output looks like this...

      >Gross Forecast
      -Net Forecast 20
      >Sales Order
      -Negotiation 100
      -Authorization 200
      -Published 300
      Open 400

      Now what am looking for is need to get the summaryRow at parent level...Each and every parent level should have SUM of its child.
      i need something like this...

      >Demand 1020
      >Forecast 1020
      >Gross Forecast 1020
      -Net Forecast 20
      >Actual 1000
      >Sales Order 1000
      >Collaboration 600
      -Negotiation 100
      -Authorization 200
      -Published 300
      Open 400

      I created ADG using actionscript. I didnt used MXML tags.
      Now i need to create SummaryRow using Action script only.
      Any idea how to do this??

      Thanks in Advance