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    Autocomplete or Autosuggest passing an ID as the value, as CFSELECT can


      I have Autosuggest or Autocomplete(are they the same thing?) working on one ColdFusion form where people register for an event by selecting their name from an input. In the past, I've used a CFSELECT which is dynamically populated from a CFQUERY array. Then, when the user clicks "Submit," the value that is passed is not the name, but the user ID, which is absolutely unique, in contrast to a name. So with a CFINPUT or INPUT field, what is passed is what the user entered, namely, the name selected. That isn't quite what I need. Is there a way to use Autosuggest so that a value from the database, other than the literal name that the user has selected in the form field, is what is passed to an action page, where I can do various queries based on a user ID? I haven't come across this in my Googling yet, and logically, it doesn't seem possible with a plain INPUT field. But is autosuggest a possibility with a CFSELECT field?