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    Re: Linking in Dreamweaver

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      Read these -


      Your last link made with the browse tool was root relative. That's a sticky
      setting. Just make another one with the browse tool and select document
      relative, and the bulls-eye will give you that kind of link.

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      "Sean" <swarner@webonfire.net> wrote in message
      > I'm having an issue in Dreamweaver MX 2004:
      > When I use the Point to File option from the properties panel and select a
      > document in the Files panel it places a foreward slash "/" in front of the
      > hyperlink. This only happens for this particular site I'm working with.
      > For example I was just linking to the "Services" page and wanted a
      > "services.html" to link, but got "/services.html". How do I prevent this
      > from happening?
      > Thanks.
      > Sean