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    INDD files exported to PDF: text is pixelated when printed

    Brianna Bigaouette

      I am having a problem with an INDD file I am working with. I need to export it to a PDF that can be printed. Everytime I do so, when I print the PDF and the text comes out very pixelated. It looks clear when I zoom into the PDF. I am saving the PDF as "press quality." When I print directly from the INDD file, the text is very clear. What's going on??

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          Brianna Bigaouette Level 1

          ok so this is what I've figured it out. I was exporting to PDF then opening it in adope arobat pro and printing from there... for some reason when I went into my advanced print settings in acrobat, it was set to "print as image: 100 dpi." I changed it and it printed out better but not perfect. To double check it was adobe that was causing the issue, I opened and printed the pdf through mac preview. This looked perfect - - exactly like it did when I printed through INDD. So my questions are, 1> WHY does it automatically printing as an image 100 dpi in adobe? and 2> how can I change this setting so when my client opens it up, they dont have to mess with any of the print settings to get it to look how it's supposed to? Is this a setting I can change when I save the file? I want to make sure it prints out correctly because one of the fonts used is ultralight and can look very very light if printed incorrecty. It looks perfect when I print through preview, but even printing as an image in 600 dpi through acrobat pro, the ultralight font looks lighter and more faded than it should (and than it does in the preview and INDD printed files). If i unselect the "print as image" checkbox, the ultralight text looks better but still not perfect. So that would make my second question >> WHY is the print quality worse when I print through adobe, and how can I remedy this? Any ideas??? Any help much appreciated!

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Print as image is a setting either within  your Acrobat that you changed manually at some point. Or it's a setting within your Printer settings, again which you would have to change manually.


            This is not a normal setting that is set as a default. If it's set to Print as Image at 100 dpi, then it's something that was manually changed. Unless your client has manually changed their print settings then it should print fine.


            Unfortunately there isn't very much  you can do about how someone has or has not setup their software to open the PDFs.



            For the record, Mac Preview for PDFs is not a very reliable PDF reader. Use Acrobat Pro or the client can use Acrobat Reader.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Print as image and the resolution are both User choices. It sounds like you may have a saved set of prrint settings that you are set to use, so go into the advanced settings inthe print dialog, as you have done and uncheck the Print as Image box and say OK. This should stick. Better is to uncheck the box, make any other changes that you need to make, then save thse settings as a settings file that you can choose from the dropdown.  Or choose Default from the dropdown to reset to the deault settings.


              Print settings are local, not a part of the file, so you don't control how the client is printing.

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