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    ADE will not download from Kobo


      Hi. Is anybody else having a problem with the Kobobooks web site?  We have a new email address. We changed our Kobo account and then created a new Adobe ID.  Then de-authorised ADE and re-authorised with the new Adobe ID.  No luck, if we try and download a book from our Kobo library on the web site, we get an error message that the file we want is fulfilled to another user. We have been around this mill many times, reauthorising with no luck. Something either in ADE or the Kobo web site is still stuck on the old email address.


      Kobo help has been no help at all. They send us instructions that have nothing to do with the problem ( they seem fixated on the eReader, which works fine and is not part of this problem ).  I don't think they actually read the help emails, just look for keywords and send canned responses.  Very frustrating.

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          I am not quite in the same but, but my problem is such.

          1 Purchase book from Kobobooks OK and is in My kobo library.

          2. Downloaded and Installed adobe disgital editions 1.7.2, installed and set up an adobe ID and authorised the computer it is on.

          3. My problem is I do not know how to download my book to adobe digital solutions so that I can export it to my reader.


          I thpught as youhave been able to download previously you may be able to help me with my problem while I am still searchiong for ansers.


          Many Thanks

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            stargeezer60 Level 1

            If you have Digital Editions installed and authorized to the same email address and password as your Kobo account, when you hit the Download Adobe DRM button in your Kobo library, Digital Editions should pop up automatically and download the file. One thing, if you are using Internet Explorer, a banner might appear at the bottom of the screen saying that a program wants to download a file. There is an option to open or save the file in the banner. Choose open and Digital Editions should pop up.


            If you do manage to get it downloaded into Digital Editions, plug your kobo ereader into a USB port on your computer, and choose "Manage Library" on the ereader screen when you get the choice.  The ereader will appear on the left hand column in digital editions ( make sure library view is on in digital editions. It is the button on the top lefthand corner of the Digital Editions window that has several books leaning against each other ).  When you see the ereader on the left, just drag your new book from the main window and drop it on the ereader.  It will copy over to the reader.


            Good luck.

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              stargeezer60 Level 1

              Problem solved. It turns out that Kobo has to reset the license on your account if you are going to re-authorize Digital Editions to a new Adobe account. I went through quite a few emails before I finally got to a help desk rep who knew what to do. I mean, people do change email addresse all the time. Shouldn't this be front and center in the FAQs and known by all the help desk analysts?  Anyway, once they reset the license and I reauthorized Digital Editions to the new email, all worked just fine.