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    Color Profile/Print color.

    Marvin Nauman Level 1

      After many years of reading articles and trying to get accurate prints of what I saw on my monitor (WYSIWYG)... I finally got a Spyder 3 Pro and calibrated my dual PC monitors.  But now what?  I thought PS and LR would auto see it and magic would happen. <BG>


      I just tried some test prints... and discovered that apparently I need to:

      • Use sRGB
      • 16 bit

        When printing: 

      • Let PS handle Colors
      • Disable Color mgt in the printer.
      • Printer Profile: set to my printer & Paper
      • (Not sure where "Rendering Intent" should be set.  Perceptual or Relative Colorimetric).
      • "Black Point Comp..." checked.


      Am I missing something here?

      I also see no way that Lightroom will take advantage of the profile... or does it happen in the background.


      Thanks Marv.