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    fully justified

    Generally Confused

      I am trying to  establish a paragraph style that fully justifies the paragraph but leaves the last line left justified. I would like to apply this to all paragraphs.


      Problem #1: I can't find anything in the paragraph styles menu to establish the last line left justified feature. I can go up to the tools menu and para-by-para hit a button that accomplishes this, but that's all I can find.


      Problem #2: Should I be working in the master pages to make this happen throughout the paragraphs?


      Please don't tell me to read the documentation. I've been reading for days and I can't find anything that clears this up. Honestly, the Forum is my tactic of last resort. I only come here when I have exhausted everything else. This little problem, and trying the get the page number to work, are a plague, at least for me. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.