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    CS4, Save PNG: "Could not complete your request. An error occurred."


      Using Fireworks CS4 (v10.0.3.011), when I have been working on an image for a long time, with a long undo history list, if I attempt to save the image as a PNG, I receive an error "Could not complete your request. An error occurred."


      I am on Windows XP SP3 (32-bit).  This error typically occurs when page file usage is around 2.4GB.


      • If there is a limit to how much RAM/pagefile Fireworks can use, can a warning not be implemented?
        eg. you are about to pass the point of no return, at which stage your document will become unsaveable.

      • Is there no way undo history can be purged while an image is open?
        This would dramatically reduce RAM/pagefile usage and potentially make the image saveable again.