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    Installation on Windows XP problem

    Jan Halter Level 1

      I am trying to install Premiere Elements 10 on an XP SP3 computer.  I purchased the Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 EOM disks when purchasing a video camera last week.  There are two disks in the package, one for Windows, one for Mac.  Photoshop installed just fine.  When trying to install Premiere Elements 10 I get the error "The installation package is not supported by this porcessor type.  Contact your product vendor."  It appears that the only Premiere version on the disk is for the 64 bit version.  How do I get the 32 bit version for XP?  The package states that this will work on XP, but it doesn't appear that any installation package on either of the disks work with XP.  Any help would be most welcome.  Thank you.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your program came with five discs. It should say on the discs which ones you should install.


          For XP, you should install discs 1 (which includes installation for both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements), 4 and 5.


          If you did not get five discs, you did not get a complete set for the program. Try downloading the program from the Adobe site and using the serial numbers provided to register it.

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            Jan Halter Level 1

            No, it only came with TWO discs.  It says on the cover OEM bundle for MAC OS and Windows and actually lists XP on the package, but what is included does not seem to support XP.  I bought it at National Camera Exchange along with a video camera.  I am currently downloading from the website.  Hopefully that will include the version for XP.  Thanks for your help. :-)

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              Jan Halter Level 1

              Thanks Steve, that worked.  I downloaded from Adobe and it installed just fine and accepted the serial number.  Sweet!

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                PeterM81 Level 1

                I had a similar issue installing onto Vista 32bit. On exploring the two DVD pack (mine is branded PC Treasures and similarly came as a bundle with a digital camera) for Premiere Elements 10 it only has Mac, Win 64bit, and the related extra content. The Photoshop Elements 10 installed with no problems on Vista 32bit. The Premiere Elements 10 install failed with the same strange error message described by AraSport, but investigating the Adobe install log (instructions on finding this log are found by searching for "Troubleshoot install using logs Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements" currently at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/858/cpsid_85844.html), this log more clearly identified the failure was due to trying to install on 64bit package on a 32bit version of Windows. To install Premiere Elements 10 I had to download the trial version from the Adobe website, and then use the license code that came with the two DVD set (the licence code appears to be valid for the 32bit version as well as the 64bit version).

                Note that in the two DVD pack, the Windows install disk is a dual layer DVD (contains 6.6Gb of data); it is possible this DVD may not be readable on very old DVD drives that can only handle single layer DVDs.

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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  I have the opposite problem in that I can't download the 64 bit trial version to use in my 64 bit machine.


                  There is nothing on the Adobe download site for me to select either version

                  I keep getting the 32 bit one.


                  Anybody any ideas?


                  How much do you want to sell the 64 bit disk for?

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                    PeterM81 Level 1

                    Irritating. After some Googling, a good alternative download source of Adobe Premiere 10  Elements is at http://prodesigntools.com/photoshop-elements-10-direct-download-links-pse-premiere-pre.htm l . If there is an Adobe person monitoring these posts it would be useful if the Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10 trial download were made available from ftp.adobe.com .

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I do not know what the issue with the Adobe download site might be, but ProDesign Tools is in partnership with Adobe, so their downloads are 100% legit. Many of us here get the latest "scoop" on Adobe products via the ProDesign Tools news flashes.


                      Usually, the issues with downloading Adobe (and other programs) is often either a user's browser, its settings, or their security settings, but it seems that there might be issues with their site. If so, then Adobe does need to do some maintenance work. The Adobe.com servers are (or at least were) separate from the Jive servers, that provide this forum, so that should not be the issue.


                      Sorry that the problems are occurring,



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                        Jan Halter Level 1

                        My DVD does see all 6.6 GB on the disc, but no where on it can I find the 32 bit Premiere Program.  Strange.  However by downloading from Adobe I got the correct program for Windows XP and was able to activate it by using the serial number that came with the discs.   You would think the 64 bit program would also be available online at Adobe.  Ted, I will try to message you about the disc.