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    frustrating timeline


      I just "upgraded" to elements 10 from premiere 6.5.   I held off as long as i could because I relaly LIKE 6.5, but the lack of high res support finally made it obsolete.


      Two question/problems I'm having, both VERY frustrating.


      let's say I put several pictures over the top of a video, in the video 2 timelime.   I adjust each of them for length, and if I have to go back and edit anything but the very last one, it MOVES every picture behind it!  I dont want to move every freaking picture, I just want to make a picture a few frames shorter!  It was driving me NUTS that I couldn't shorten any picture or clip without moving everything behind it!!!!!


      along those same lines, is there a way to set the default length of incoming stills?   On 6.5 you could set the number of frames that a still was supposed to be before you drop it in the timeline


      Second, how do I activate the audio rubber bands?   I did one time, so I know it's possible, but then I couldn't make it do it again.  

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          If you change the length of a clip and the next clip starts on the same track from the end if the first one, naturally the next one will slide along.

          Place alternate pic clips on a different track than you have independence of length and positioning up to when they actually touch

          LIke this




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            markfinley Level 1

            using your diagram, if I grab the forward edge of P1 and drag it slightly to the right, P1, P3, and P5 will all shift to the left!   That's stupid, I just want to shorten P1, not move all three of them


            Isn't there a way to lock the position of all three in the timeline so clips are not moving all over the place?  

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              What you are seeing is the Ripple Edit in action. For some reason, the designers of PrE decided that it should be the default, where it is not in Pr/PrPro - they are just the opposite. In PrE, just hold down the Ctrl modifier key, while Click-dragging, and you will NOT get the Ripple Edit. In Pr/PrPro, you would hold down Ctrl to get the Ripple Edit Tool.


              Good luck,



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                markfinley Level 1

                wow, it's that simple.   thank you so much bill, I wish I had known about this before I pulled all my hair out, but I didn't know what terms to search for.   It's very a very frustrating "feature", and can't believe somebody thought that it should be that way by default (though I can see how it would be helpful at times, rarely)


                Should I start a new thread about the question about the audio rubber bands?


                this is a big change from somebody who has spent the last 7 or 8 years using 6.5 with A/B editing.  

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  As I use PrPro most often, when I picked up a copy of PrE, this hit me too. I just tried my modifier keys, and BAM, found out that the designers reversed things between the two programs.


                  I assume that because of the different target markets, Adobe spent time trying to decide how users of each program might like to work, and made that decision. It is a bit of a "show-stopper," if one has used one program, and then migrates to the other. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself, to remind me, which program I am using, but when one gets the hang of it, it's just fine. More often, if I have been using PrE a bunch, I forget to hold Crtl down, to GET my Ripple Edit in PrPro.


                  Good luck,



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                    markfinley Level 1

                    I found PrE for $40 on a black friday sale and couldn't resist it for that.  Someday I might go to back to PrPro.  Is there a listing somewhere of the differences between the two programs?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      THAT is a great price. Going back, I picked up a copy (nowhere nearly that cheap, even then), because it Imported some file types/CODEC's, that PrPro did not handle, or handle well. I use it more as a conversion tool, with some decent editing capabilities, but nearly always end up in PrPro to finish the Projects, but that is just me. PrE offers some automatic, or semi-automatic features, that PrPro does not, so I often rely on it, when the Project dictates. I have found it to be a very useful program, though to have to remind myself how some things function. Also, I like the general GUI/layout in PrPro, as it works more in line with film, where I got my start over 40 years ago.


                      I came to PrPro at 1.0, though have used Pr 6.5 on a limited basis. By PrPro 2.0, things were pretty much in place. I've got CS 5.5, but am waiting on a 64-bit computer to even install it. I think some of the improvements will be nice, but as I have not moved up to some of the newer, pro formats, and with retirement, probably will not, so much of the capabilities of the newer version, will be lost on me. Were I a younger man, and still active in commercial production, I would not have dragged my feet so long, on going to CS 5/5.5.


                      Happy editing,