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    purchasing help for the mac

    hotwheels222 Level 1

      hi all.


      new to mac and relatively new to adobe. hoping for some guidance.


      i run a small design build firm and recently ported to the mac os while still running a couple of boot camp installs of windows and parallels with windows 7 on the laptop. I am currently using Aperture to get my images organized and have been reasonably happy with it.


      i am in need of a "poster - workflow" using something like indesign but i am sure i could also use photoshop (which I am familiar with) and illustrator (for various vector manipulations i imagine). i'll also be doing some modest print material, keynote presentations and i have a wordpress website/blog and will be updating a very old blog at some point in the future. i would also /love/ to have a way to manipulate 3D files into my print work in creative ways.


      can anyone give me the lowdown as to whether I should be buying the InDesign CS5 Suite that includes Photoshop, ID and AI (for the mac) and whether I need to look at Acrobat 3D (for Wind 7 because there is no Mac option for this)?


      I mention some tangential issues in case anyone can offer tangential advice and apologies if this is not exactly the right forum as I am just getting started on figuring out where to enter the discussion over here.


      TIA for any help.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          hotwheels: Your question is...pretty vague.


          What's a "poster - workflow"?

          What format 3D images do you have and how do you intend to maniplate them?  The sense I have is that 3D is extremely gimicky and practical applications are quite limited.

          It's hard to imagine doing anything for print that involes more than a single image without using InDesign, but I suppose if you try hard enough it is possible, particularly with Illustrator.


          Unless you've found a real deal somewhere, you should purchase CS5.5, not CS5. And remember that CS6 should come out in 2Q2012.


          There are free trials of the products and the suites available from Adobe, so you should give them a whirl before you make up your mind.

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            hotwheels222 Level 1

            thanks very much John.


            sorry, i have been trying to work my way through the mud over here.


            so the "poster workflow" would be something along the lines of a 24 x 36 inch set of poster boards for a competition and I'd ideally like to be able to set the images, update them and then have the poster update. I had a really pleasant experience with the ID demo a number of months ago so I'm totally sold on ID.


            i also do a lot of 3D modeling and expect to include "vector-based" images in some of these presentations. since i am familiar with photoshop i am also sold on photoshop. i've been on the mac for a year and a half and editing images has been a mess quite frankly without it. so i'm hoping to solve a number of problems.


            do you by any chance have any experience with the mac?


            i mean, i guess "CS5.5" is the suite of products mentioned above is that right? do i have any deals that i can work if i purchase this (pricewise)? I don't think I can hold off until 2Q 2012 which I assume means somewhere around March?


            Anyway, the other issue is that I am organizing images in Aperture and I can't quite figure out if I get a more economical workflow by moving to something like Lightroom. It would be great to not have to always export images out of aperture to get them into the AI, ID, Photoshop workflow. But I am not sure how Lightroom works with these three, either.


            Lastly, my look at Acrobat 3D /seemed/ like it was pretty robust. It appears that I can insert a 3D model into a pdf document and let others rotate it around in real time. It also appeared that it would let me do an "exploded axonometric" in a rather easy manner. the pain for me here is if it is only available on the windows platform.


            anyway, i realize some of this is rather specialized and that some of it is rather obtuse as I try and hack my way forward.


            any advice you can offer I'd be grateful for...



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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              It sounds like you're "sold on" InDesign and Photoshop (and Illustrator?), so I am not entirely sure what the question is.

              CS5.5 is a version number, both of the individual point products, and of various groupings of them. The groupings are available at cheaper prices than the aggregate point products. Check the Adobe Store for details. You might find slightly better pricing on Amazon, but the Adobe Store will let you comparison shop a bit easier.


              Additionally, in 2012 Adobe is introducing "creative cloud," which is a subscription-based service that gives you all of Master Collection (every single creative suite product, including the high-end video tools) for $50/month. Whether you want to enter a subscription model is up to you, but the price will make it attractive for many people, and it means you automaticaly get to stay current. Of course, Lightroom is not part of Master Collection, so therefore probably not part of the Creative Cloud. I don't use Lr, but I don't think there is a lot of "works with"; it's mostly standalone, and I don't think it is generally used for things that are not photos. So there's probably not much integration with AI/ID, though some with PS. Probably not the best question for the InDesign forum (where you are now).


              2Q2012 means April or May -ish.


              I have plenty of Mac and PC experience both. But not really any 3D experience with Acrobat.

              You're rather non-specific on what file format your 3D work is in, which I suspect matters to answer your question intelligently, though I'm not totally clear on what the questoin is.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                CS5.5 purchases are currently discounted through the end of the year, too.

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                  hotwheels222 Level 1

                  Thank you Peter and John.


                  At one point someone told me there was mac specific software that would do what this package does but I am realizing that they were probably in error and that Adobe for the Mac products is where I need to go.


                  Can I please ask you for the /name/ of the package that has these three software's together as one price? I am having a terrible time figuring out the naming system and then I have the added issue of making sure that I am buying for the mac. Do you know the name of this package?


                  Also, I need to do a website and I would like to pursue this Acrobat3D issue. I can't tell whether the 3D functionality is a separate plugin for Acrobat and/or if it is only available on the windows platform.


                  lastly, the discounts are available via the Adobe site and only though Jan 1 or where do I find this info...?


                  THANK YOU.

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                    hotwheels222 Level 1

                    Hi John.


                    Thank you.


                    I am pretty sure I am going this route. Honestly I am not positive what Illustrator will do for me exactly but I think I need it to work in and if it comes in the package I would likely buy it now.


                    The 3D question is a bit murky over here as well but I /think/ there is some kind of product or plugin that will let me embed various 3D file formats in a pdf and let viewers rotate it around in real time.


                    Honestly a bit perplexed as to whether this is windows only based and/or some kind of dedicated plugin but I should probably try the Acrobat forum on this I realize.


                    Thank you!

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                      John Hawkinson Level 5

                      I'm sure there is Mac-specific software that covers many of the functions in Adobe's Creative Suite. For instance, as an InDesign analog, there is Apple's Pages, which is both far cheaper and much more lmited.


                      Name of the package? Please see http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/designstandard/buying-guide-suite-editions.htm l. Design Standard is the cheapest choice that includes the three, but please evaluate them all. Some will tell you it's always worth going to Design Premium.


                      You've got to be a lot more specific than "various 3D formats." Which formats exactly? This stuff matters.


                      Illustrator is the tool for creating and editing vector graphics. That may or may not apply to you.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I suspect you'll want the Design Premium or Design Standard package (Premium includess the Extended version of Photoshop [3D tools, mostly] and Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks for web projects). Just pick the Mac version of either.

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                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          CS5.5 Design Standard has the programs you’re looking for: http://amzn.to/tzW4Jp




                          Note that it does not include the Extended version of Photoshop which has some extras such as 3d tools.




                          For that you’d have to go to CS5.5 Design Premium: http://amzn.to/unLtLG




                          You’ll also get web tools with Premium such as Dreamweaver and Firework.





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                            hotwheels222 Level 1

                            Thank you Peter. Regards!

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                              hotwheels222 Level 1

                              Thank you Bob!