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    'Clipping' a title


      I am putting together a vdeo of a  Christmas show my son was in with 4 other people. Using the Christmas Titles, when I get to the Credits (rolling), since there are only 5  'actors' I deleted the additional namespaces ( I believe 3). Then I tried several methods to remove the extra trailing black space from the title...... no can do...... Why are they so restrictive in what you can do with the 'preset' titles (this includes the disc menus)? In any case I'd like to know how to remove about 2 seconds od black space from the end of this clip...... I have not tried exporting it out to another editor and bringing it back in yet, by I'm close......


      Merry Christmas to you all......




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          In the Titler (accessible by Dbl-clicking the Title in either the Project Panel), you should be able to use the Selection Tool (arrowhead), to Select each Text Block - a Bounding Box should appear around it, and then Delete. You want to Delete the entire Text Box, and not just the Text in each Text Box. Does that not work for you?


          Also, if there are Shapes, or other Objects, you will want to Select each of those, with the Selection Tool, and Move them up near the last used Text Box, or you will have plenty of blank space between the last used line of Text, and the Shapes.


          Let us know how the Selection Tool works for you, please.


          Good luck,



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            NCRoadRunner Level 1

            Its not the text I wish to delete, it's the 'run time' of the clip. Since I deleted 3 off the end, the clip still runs for the same length as if those 3 were still there. If I try to cut the clip at the end of the last person rolling off the screen, it looks like it works, but when to do a 'play' it merly shortened the total clip lenght, and did not delete the few seconds of black screen at the end.

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              The Runtime of a Title is set by extending, or reducing its Duration - Just a Click-drag on the Tail to extend, or reduce.


              With Titles, that have an Animation Preset used, that will also alter the speed of a Roll, or Crawl. If, when you have set the Duration, the speed does not work for you, then turn off the Animation Preset, and do a static Title. Then, with it Selected in the Timeline, go to Effects and choose Edit Effects. There you will see the Fixed Effects, and one is Motion. Twirl it open, to reveal Scale and Position. You want Motion>Position. Toggle on Keyframing and animate the Roll, or Crawl, to suit your needs.


              Good luck,