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        Liz H. Alexander

        No, sorry - the button to the left on their page said "chat available" for me when I tried a few minutes ago. 

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          panhandle mom Level 1

          When in through firefox I was able to go into chat.

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            It is unbelievable that this issue has been going on so long.  Although my quest has only been going on a week, there still seems to be a major issue with identit-e's ability to function, and Adobe should perhaps reconsider using this company.  I've sent messages to identit-e, as well as 'starting' a live chat only to be rejected once I filled out the info request page.  This system is really making Adobe look BAD.

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              vince_ross_111 Level 1

              My wife purchased Design Standard CS5.5 on 2/22 and still can't submit her educators verification info. She also elected to have a box version mailed, which means it won't be sent until verification goes through. I also noticed in the confirmation email that after 14 days, they cancel the purchase and refund her money if she isn't verified as an educator...

              Is their any way around this???

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                I still have had no contact from them. I called Adobe and they suggested I download the trial version... and that it may be days before I hear anything regarding the validation. My guess is that this is the last time they use this company as a validator.


                The chat is down, there's no way to check and see what the status is. There has to be some way to get in touch with them... this is REALLY bad.

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                  WesMc1955 Level 1

                  Hello all.........


                  I was able to connect to https://www.identit-e.com/default/index/selfHelpSubmit/p/14   my browser did tell me it had a bad site Certificate, but I let my browser load it anyway. It let me fill out the form and attach my documents for Verification.  I attached three files, but when I hit submit button the page blew away too fast for it to have really uploaded the attachments.

                  Does anyone have a phone number for identit-e?

                  No Chat for me in Firefox. It was down.

                  Three days.........I'm ready to give up.  Thanks for the advice though.

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                    tbinnyc111 Level 1


                    If I knew that Identit-e would be such a problem I would have reconsidered my purchase.  Has their website been hacked??  Sent my student ID via email, after trying so many times to upload it.  Still no answer.  Adobe phone and chat support is friendly but this is not an issue that they can resolve since they contract this out to this outside vendor.  Looks like Identit-e has had quite a few problems judging by the number of threads and complaints.  If there's a senior level exec at Adobe who's listening...please re-consider using this firm.

                    Also, Identit-e should, at a minimum, send an email out to those who are waiting stating the problem on their end, what they are doing about it, and when we can expect to get an answer (i.e. serial number).  Truly, no response - even an automated one - is ridiculous.

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                      As of the time of this post, I still cannot complete the verification process.


                      Jeff, thanks for keeping tabs on this forum and keeping us updated.


                      For what it's worth, here are the issues I'm having:


                      • Right now, if I click the "Submit Proof" link from the My Orders page on the Adobe website, like others have stated, I get a red message that is briefly visible on the order page stating that the system is down and then Adobe's website proceeds to log me out and kick me back to Adobe's log in screen. (This seems to be a bug or at least less than desireable behavior of Adobe's own website, since simply clicking a link shouldn't log me out of Adobe entirely.)
                      • Previously, I would click that link and if it didn't fail completely, after waiting forever, a verification page would load.  *BUT* - I would select a State and then a City on the verification page, but the list of schools would never populate, so I couldn't proceed with the verification because I couldn't actually select a school.
                      • Now, if I try various urls that people have posted to this forum (e.g. https://www.identit-e.com/default/index/adobe), I first get a Self Signed Certificate Warning and then get a page asking, in "Step 1", for a product code.  I have order confirmation emails from adobe which include my order number, but, to the best of my knowledge, I was not sent a product code (I ordered the download only version).  Furthermore, I have no idea if that link is one that I *should* be using for verification.


                      Has anyone who ordered in the last day or so been able to complete verification and actually received their serial number?  (I'm guessing not, because if so, they most likely won't be reading the forum anymore.  Sigh.)

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                        panhandle mom Level 1

                        You got lucky. I went to the live chat right after your post. It says it will be reviewed and someone will reply shortly..still no reply.

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                          johneburton Level 1



                          I decided to Tweet Adobe, and within 30 minutes the entire situation was resolved. I now have my key!!!


                          Here's the tweet I sent if you just want to reuse it:


                          I still haven't heard back from Identit-e regarding my purchase several days ago. Can you push it through?


                          They will ask you for your Adobe order number. Tweet that back to them. About 20 minutes later I actually got a phone call from Adobe... a really nice gal helped me out and when we were on the phone I received my key in my email.

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                            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                            Espresso9030 you are welcome.  I am continuing to monitor this thread and will post any updates which I receive.  Thank you also for the detailed description regarding the difficulties being experienced.

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                              Liz H. Alexander Level 1

                              Maybe I celebrated too soon - the guy in the identit-e chat said I should hear from Adobe within an hour, but that was an hour & a half ago.  Status on my order on Adobe's site still says "pending verification". 

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                                daquanabe Level 1

                                Okay, progress made...  Was able to Chat Live Now!  Was told that I had been verified and should recieve my product info within an hour.  We'll see.

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                                  I got the same thing. I was able to chat live with a rep about 40 minutes ago and she said that I should receive my serial in about an hour. For some reason the system didn't recognize my info as a .edu account. My serial just came in.

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                                    Liz H. Alexander Level 1

                                    I spoke to the identit-e rep at 10:30 cst this morning and he said I'd have my code in an hour.  It's almost 3:00 now, still no code.  The identit-e site shows that I've been approved & the info has been passed on to Adobe, so they're the hold up now. 

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                                      daquanabe Level 1

                                      I gave up waiting, ArgyleMonkey, and I started the tweeting process.  So far I've been at that for about a half-hour or so. Not terribly intelligent about twitter, but at least I've started that conversation and I'm hoping to have the luck of revo35.  Will keep you posted.

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                                        vince_ross_111 Level 1

                                        My wife opened a support case today and has at least recieved an email stating that Adobe is reviewing her documents to approve her shipment.

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                                          WesMc1955 Level 1

                                          Hello daquanabe..........


                                          How long did it take for the twitter process to begin?  I tweeted one message about 2 hours ago.  Got no reply.

                                          Did you get a reply back pretty fast?

                                          I am new to twitter as of today.  Sorry.  But thanks.

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                                            daquanabe Level 1

                                            WesMc1955, I've been at it for about an hour so far, but the guy who's working on it seems to be working on several others as well.  Will post when it is finally resolved, and with the length of time.

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                                              WesMc1955 Level 1





                                              On twitter this is what I sent:


                                              Hello, new to twitter, sorry. I too can't get my online purchase of .edu software eligibility submitted




                                              But no response back.  Can you tell me if I did twitter wrong?  Sorry to be a pain.  I sent a twitter Reply back to myself and received that. But nothing from Adobe.



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                                                daquanabe Level 1

                                                WesMc1955, you did exactly what you needed to do.  Twitter is weird, and doesn't necessarily work like a txt message--you may not be able to tell if the message was received or not.  Hang in there.

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                                                  WesMc1955 Level 1

                                                  Thank You….  I see your posts on twitter.  I sure hope you have good luck. Thanks again.

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                                                    Totally agree with you.


                                                    I purchased a copy Wednesday night online and still don't have a serial or know if my information was received by the proper people.


                                                    When making the purchase, the Adobe website timed out, and I didn't know if I actually made the purchase. Finally saw it appear in my recent purchases. Of course since the purchase process timed out it didn't send me to the verification site so I clicked on a link in the Adobe email confirmation to verify on Adobe. Opened a case with Adobe for verification on 2/22 still haven't received a reply on that.


                                                    Didn't know I had to submit the verification through identit-e because each time I clicked on the verify link in the recent orders panel it didn't take me anywhere or it would log me out of Adobe. Figured that the case I opened with Adobe was enough. After not hearing anything for almost 24 hour tried identit-e again and finally got through. Submiited my .edu address yesterday and still haven't heard a thing. And as others hae stated I was asked for a product code by identit-e and have no idea what that was about because I never received one. Just an order number. 


                                                    Still not sure if I have sent the correct information to the correct parties to get my verification. identit-e didn't ask for student ID or anything, but I sent that to Adobe directly. Ugghh so confused.


                                                    This has just been a complete clusterf*** from the start. Can't wait to just receive the serial so I don't have to deal with this any longer.

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                                                      daquanabe Level 1

                                                      Starting to hate on Adobe now.  Was finally able to get identit-e to do their thing, and verify my .edu status.  That was almost four hours ago, and was told that Adobe would respond within the hour with my download info. About 1.5 hrs after that conversation I communicated with Adobe on twitter at the suggestion of revo35 since it took only 30 min for him to get his key...  I'm closing in on 3 hours post contact with Adobe, and although he responded an hour and a half ago that he did receive my order number, it has been a wasteland of silence since then.


                                                      This has been the most ridiculously painful process I've ever incountered with placing an online order.  I completely understand their need to verify my .edu status since the product is significantly discounted, but seriously... FOUR DAYS, after the system says it will take only two.  Completly unreal.

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                                                        The bottom line of this is that at this time the verification page on the adobe website still doesn't work. So everyone has to go through overly complex procedures to get their verification after buying the product. This is really something you don't want to deal with after you have bought a quite expensive piece of software. On the other hand, they charged my credit card just fine.

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                                                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                          I have received another update that the issues with Identit-e should be solved.  They have ran several tests and they were completed successfully.


                                                          I will continue to monitor this thread so please post if you continue to experience difficulties with the Identit-e portion of the process.

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                                                            FaX82 Level 1

                                                            I'm sorry, it doesn't work for me.

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                                                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                              You may want to clear your browser cache and cookies or perhaps even try a different web browser.

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                                                                FaX82 Level 1

                                                                I've done both things, but still doesn't work.

                                                                • 79. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                                  Where is it failing for you?  When you submit the proof of eligility or when you try to load the site?

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                                                                    FaX82 Level 1

                                                                    I click on the red "submit proof of eligibility" and after a quick "scheduled maintenance" message i get bounced back.

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                                                                      Yeah. The link is broken. I've tried numerous times as well.

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                                                                        panhandle mom Level 1

                                                                        This has been something else. Apparently even if you upload your documents it doesn't mean identit-e is receiving them. I was able to do the online chat, I just kept checking and finally it said there were reps available, she gave approval based on my email address she did not see any docs, this was around 4cst. I was told to give it an hour and I would receive the serial numbers from adobe, meanwhile the call back from adobe came in and the man I spoke to said the serial numbers come from identit-e. I really didn't believe that but wasn't going to argue with him and question why I recieved an email from adobe to contact their customer service if I did not have the info w/in 4 days, he said it was to note the account...that makes a lot of sense. I checked my account about 7cst, it still said pending, clicked on status and it gave an error page, went back to order and the serial numbers were there. I received and email from..guess who...adobe with the serial numbers.


                                                                        If you received the emails about the order, my suggestion would be to keep checking the identit-e website and catch someone on chat or have a lot of patience.

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                                                                          WesMc1955 Level 1

                                                                          Hello Jeff and Everyone else with this problem.  It is now  11:36pm CST 02-24-12.


                                                                          It is all broke.  From Adobe -- My Orders-----get the flash that site is down for maintance then blown out back to Adobe login.


                                                                          I've tried Firefox 3.6, and 10.x, as well as IE9.  I cleared all cache and cookies every session.  I've turned off firewalls, anti-virus, etc.. I've prayed and begged.


                                                                          Earlier today I could get to some page on identit-e that had a button to do a chat, it said chat was ready but as soon as I typed in my name and email address chat was no longer working.


                                                                          I emailed identit-e two days ago and still no reply.


                                                                          I could get to this site at this time:




                                                                          But I don't have a Product code which is required as the first item to enter, I ordered the box of CS 5.5


                                                                          I sent 3 twitter messages thoughout the day but still no reply from @Adobe_Care.


                                                                          I guess come Monday I will try to climb the ladder at Adobe to find someone that has the power to fix this problem.  I've spent three days trying to get verified.  From following tweets on twitter most of the afternoon waiting for someone at @Adobe_Care to answer I'm afraid I'm going to be denied the purchase because I didn't get verified in a timely manner.  And on twitter there were many of us having this problem, so I don't understand how Adobe can let this problem get so large and then take so long to solve the problem.


                                                                          Jeff thank you. And daquanabe thank you for helping me try to learn twitter today.  I hope everyone has a great weekend. Wishing you all good luck here.

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                                                                            LINewYorkLI Level 1

                                                                            I am in the same situation as you - it is completely impossible to do the verification.


                                                                            What I am seeing:


                                                                            On the My Adobe --> My orders screen... When I click: Eligibility required: Submit proof


                                                                            The message below rapidly flashes at the top of the screen, and then disappears:




                                                                            (For the record, it was nearly impossible to get this screen grab since this message flashes and disappears so quickly.)


                                                                            Immediately after that red message flashes and disappears, I am automatically logged out of the Adobe site, and returned to the login screen.


                                                                            The identit-e.com site never actually attempts to load anymore.


                                                                            This exact problem has been consistent for about two days now.

                                                                            • 85. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                              daquanabe Level 1

                                                                              Last night I finally got my key and download info, 7 hrs after I had been approved by identit-e. It was a very painful process that I hope Adobe takes into consideration given just the issues put forth on this page. Good luck to everyone who's still going through the process.

                                                                              • 86. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                                Liz H. Alexander Level 1

                                                                                That's nothing, it's been almost 24 hours since identit-e approved me and I've still heard nothing from Adobe, either over email or from the 2 Twitter posts I sent them. 

                                                                                • 87. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                                  daquanabe Level 1

                                                                                  ArgyleMonkey, I became intolerantly persistent in my tweets.  This may be a complete coincidence but a similar thing happened for me as panhandle mom...  I went to check My Orders on the adobe.com website and although it said that verification was pending, I kept Checking Status and something wonderful happened... I got a different screen with my product key.  I got my email from Adobe about 15 minutes later.  So, keep checking your status and perhaps it will trigger something.  Who knows...  best of luck!

                                                                                  • 88. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                                    Liz H. Alexander Level 1

                                                                                    It's a Christmas miracle!  I just started clicking the "check status" button like you said, it blinked to a completely different page, I went back to my orders & it had changed & was showing the serial number.  Crazy, but all's well that...ends. 

                                                                                    • 89. Re: www.adobe.com/go/edu-validate is down
                                                                                      SomeoneTyping Level 1

                                                                                      So it seems that the system is still not working this morning. Shows a red error message, logs you out. I have confirmed this on IE9 and Safari. It also appears that if you purchased through adobe.com you do not get a product code and you cannot submit the verification form to identit-e.com itself.


                                                                                      Anyone else get any break throughs with this. I assume that twitter has had minimal impact on assisting here.