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    Urgent!!! (may ba a CS4 bug) Unable to import layers from photoshop into after effects CS4


      Hello everybody, I have been a cs4 user for many years, however, a few days ago, me and my friends ran across a problem noone of us has ever encountered. I am a multi media student and we spoke to our Professor about it, and suspect that it is a bug. Can anyone confirm?

      so here is the situation: We have a layered CS4 Photoshop file with RGB color mode. We save. Then we import it into After effects CS4 as a composition. What happens then is astonishing: In most cases, the layers automatically get merged the layer structure is lost. However, in one out of ten cases, with the EXACT same settings, the layers actually do come out in the photoshop layer structure. However, After effects adds also object that have been deleted previously and aren't visible in the photoshop file at all. After trying out for a while, we found that it seems to be working on some pcs while on other pcs, it didn't work at all. This is really strange and had our class wondering for a couple of days. Does anybody know of such a bug in CS4 or has anybody a hint or a solution to this? like I said, we have been working on this for days and haven't found any clue. The RGB color mode solution does come up frequently when we research, however that is not the problem. thanks for any advice!