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    With the function "getEnhancedMicrophone",play will go wrong?


      I want to write a program can pull the rtmp stream from FMS or push to FMS,something like video conference system.

      At first,the program play normally.

      But when I use the function "getEnhancedMicrophone" to get a microphone,it will go wrong.

      The voice pauses from time to time.

      Actually,I only get the microphone and havn't used it.


      Here is part of my codes:



                     import mx.controls.Alert;


                                    private var nc:NetConnection;

                                    private var ns:NetStream;

                                    private var video_Pull:Video=new Video();

                                    private var pullStreamName:String="c01";


                                    private var mic:Microphone=new Microphone();


                                    private function init():void


                                              nc = new NetConnection();

                                              nc.objectEncoding = ObjectEncoding.AMF0;






                                              //add this line will go wrong




                                    public function onBWDone():void{};


                                    private function netStatusHandler(evt:NetStatusEvent):void








                                    private function pullRTMP(netConnect:NetConnection,netStream:NetStream,video:Video,videoDisplay:VideoDispl ay,streamName:String):void


                                              netStream = new NetStream(netConnect,"connectToFMS");








                                              var clientobj:Object=new Object();






      I use Flash Builder 4.5 and Air 3.1.

      This problem had puzzled me few days,someone for help?


      Thanks for replies!