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    How To Limit A Nested Composition Layer

    fhxfhx Level 1

      Hi, I have a composition (source-comp) as a layer in another composition (des-comp). Now this source-comp's duration is longer than the dest-comp's lenght and the end of the source-comp can not be accessed any more from within the dest-comp. I want to make it shorter, but doubleclicking won't bring those in/out buttons rather than opening the source-comps comp window. I also don't want to change anything in the source-comp itself since it's being used in different other comps with different lengths'. I know I can drag the sourc-comp layer as long as I can see the end, then adjust and re-drag-position it, but I wanted to ask what the standard method is to limit the length of a layer that goes beyound the length of the comp and where doubleclicking don't bring up the in/out buttons (like with comps)