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    Spry menu won't work after converting XHTML 1.0 to HTML5?


      I just converted my webpage to html5 as a test before converting all my webpages using a convertion tool. Everything looks great and the actual links work. The only thing that doesn't work is my spry menu. Is there some type of code I must implement to make it work. All it does right now is highlight the buttons but they will not actually drop down. The weird part was I tried integrating just the spry menu code from the xhtml page into the html5 and it changed nothing which makes me wonder if its in a different section of the code. Could anyone help please? My site is at www.marketingwholly.com and it is the home page that I have tested it on as I am trying to get it all ready before promoting it so its still in limbo right now. I built the site  from scratch in dreamweaver with 1.0 but want to change it to html5 for my own reasons. Thank you so much!