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    Install latest Adobe Flash Player but still are told that I need to install latest Flash Player!


      I have installed the latest Adobe Flash Player several times, but I still receive the message that I need to install the latest Adobe Flash Player in order to view items on any website that requires Flash Player.  I have verified that the version of the program in the Control Panel: Programs is the latest version ---

      Some websites say that I must install Adobe Flash Player in order to view the content on their website.  I can sometimes install the product and then go to the website and view whatever content I need to.  Today for some reason, I installed the product AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and for some reason it is not being recognised.  How should I proceed and what can I do to make sure that you product downloads and installs and is recognised as being installed and what version is installed.  I did not have this problem with version 10 of you product and have only gotten this message since I had to install "the latest version".

      Thanks for any help that you can give me...  This is so frustrating and now I can't view content for websites that I must get to.