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    Flex and Java - Client Side

    NeoRamza2 Level 1



      I have an application made on java-blazeDS-Flex, and its work fine.


      But now I need to some java comands to be executed in client side. In other words, I need a java method to be executed in the user's computer, without comunicate with the application server.


      There is some way to do that?



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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          Could you be more precies on what kind of java methods you want to call and how you are planning to load those java classes on to the client machine?


          From my knowledge, you cannot invoke anything on the client machine from flash player as the flash player security would stop you from doing. My approach would be to load 'Signed java applets' from the server to client and use this to invoke the methods on the client machine. And let this java applet use sockets for invoking methods on the same machine.


          Other way of doing is to create an air application and let the client install this air application, which will inturn call the java program on the client machine.

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            drkstr_1 Level 4

            In AIR 3.1 you can create a native extension, however, I would caution against this unless it is very necessary (IE. you need to access some specific API at the OS level). Otherwise, a data driven client-server architecture is usually preferred (portability, maintenance, security, etc..).

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              NeoRamza2 Level 1

              Hi. Tanks for the answers.


              What I need is to access a hardware on the client, but it will be very dificult to do with ActionScript. Using java there is a lot of done methods (jars) to comunicate with this hardware, but using AS I will have to make all the complex methods by myself.