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    PE10 - Purchase add-ons?


      Are there any add ons that can be purchased for Premier Elements 10?


      If so, who offers for sale.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What kind of add-ons are you looking for, Steven?


          If you purchase the Plus membership to Photoshop.com, the program will automatically download some extra themes, effects, disc menu templates and transitions. Not a lot, but you'll see one or two each month.


          If you're looking for a library of DVD and BluRay disc menu templates, there are several for free and even more if you buy a subscription to http://Muvipix.com. The site also has sound effects, stock footage, royalty-free music, background video loops and hundreds of tutorials for the program. It also has a free Community Forum where you can meet other video makers, exchange ideas and get quick answers to your creative and technical questions.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Steven K,


            One source of additional Transitions and Effects is NewBlue FX. You already have a few of those in PrE, but they offer more.


            Other than Effects and Transitions, I think that Steve covered the rather narrow bases with Photoshop.com Plus. Knowing specifically what you want will be helpful, as there might be some other sources.


            Good luck,



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              Steven-K Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              I upgraded from PE9 to PE10 about two months ago.


              PE10, in my opinion is significantly better than the previous version. It functions very smoothly on my Win7 - 64 bit computer with 12MB ram, etc...


              I am not keen on annual membership subscriptions.


              However, I will invest in purchasing add-ons or plug-ins that will help give the movie a more polished and professional look. Money is not an issue. I love video special effects and Hollywood style titles, etc... No sound effects, video only. No interest in DVD templates, only for the movie.





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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I usually take a different tack. First, I plan the images and outline Effects that I feel tell my story better. Then, if my NLE (Non Linear Editor) program does not offer the Effects that I need, I go looking for them, from companies, like NewBlue FX, or Red Giant (not so much for PrE, but a ton for PrPro, FCP, AE and AVID). I like the Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks portfolio, though have to admit to only using a few out of the bunch. Still, it is easier to buy a suite, than to try to find just the Effect that I need.


                As a for instance, going from color to b/w, or b/w to color, can be very impactful, but only if it figures into the presentation of the story.


                In general, I use my Adjustment Effects often, such as Levels, and various Color Correction plug-ins. Once it gets to the "creative" Effects, I have to justify their need with my story. Same for Transitions - gotta' have a good need to go beyond Butt-Cuts, Cross-Dissolves and Dip-to-Blacks. I do use more Effects and Transitions with Titles and Intros, but fewer in the body of my videos.


                There are enough differences between PrE and PrPro, that one would want to check any add-on's compatibility chart, and if that is not clear, would drop an e-mail to their support department, just to make sure that their add-on will work in PrE.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Just looking at the NewBlue FX Video Essentials, I see five packs, at US$ 99 each. There are more NewBlue FX add-ons, beyond those.


                  One thing to consider, is that many of the included Effects in those packs, are also included, to some degree, in PrPro. If one bought all five of those Effects packs, the cost would be about the same as the price difference between PrE and PrPro. Just something to think abouot.


                  Good luck,



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