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    Flex Page folding effect tutorial ?

    flashharry! Level 1

      Been googling a few days now, I'm looking for an unfolding page effect for flex/Action script.

      I have an advanced data grid with a lot of information all fixed width columns, I would like to fold this up out of the way and unfold again when the user needs to see it. Imagine concertina type effect folding/unfolding on each column.

      I have seen vector folding effects under flash (which I don't know). I have create some cube panels in flex using papervision, rotate cube in confirmed space to show other panels etc.

      Here is a linked to a flash version, http://www.flashden.net/item/paper-unfold-transitions/12261 $3.00 LOL, no problem paying $3.00 but it flash not flex.

      ANY links, pointing in the right direction etc.

      I assume, create bitmap of UI component map to plane and fold :)

      Thanks In advance