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    Unable to transfer ebooks from my Barnes & Noble library to Adobe Digital Editions.


      I am using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) with the Barnes & Noble (BN) NOOK .  I am unable to add books that have been downloaded from BN to my ADE library.


      I receive the following prompt:  "Document is licensed for a different user account."  Be advised that I am correctly activated and have a valid user account.  The books that I have purchased from BN have been uploaded to my Nook without difficulty and can be read on the device.  I am able to read PDF files that I have transfered to the NOOK via ADE on ADE without problem.  The problem is with the downloaded books that have been purchased from BN.    They cannot be transfer from my computer to ADE.


      I am able to read all ebooks on my Nook, since they are automatically uploaded to the Nook; however, I cannot get them onto my Adobe Digital Editions for reading there on my computer.  I talked to Barnes & Noble, but they cannot help.  They stated that only Adoble can fix this problem.  Am I prohibited from reading purchased BN books on ADE?  BN says no, I should be able to read them on ADE also.  Please advise.