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    Public Library ebooks not in ADE Library View


      Hello -- I am having a strange issue this morning.


      Up until today I have been using a first generation nook to download public library books via ADE. I have never had any issues in the past and the last I downloaded a book successfully was last week. Today, I plugged in my new nook tablet and when prompted authorized it in ADE. When I downloaded an ebook from my library it showed up in the reading pane but when I switched over to the library pane it did not show up and when I go back to the reading pane the book is no longer there. I tried downloading several different books from my library and they all the do the same thing. This is only happening with my library epub books. other epub books that I bought are transferring over with no issues.


      I am using Windows XP with IE 8. Nothing has changed on my system and I am cumbuddled about how to resolve this issue.


      Thanks --- Bren