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    Using transparent JQuery for Ajax and...?

    waterunderthebridge Level 1

      Recently, I had a converstion with an expert .NET programmer who advised me not to bother with ColdFusion support for JQuery and, instead, explictly call JQuery

      and write the functions and whatever right out in the open where everyone could see what was going on. Now, I have only elementary knowledge of JQuery, and anything

      else involving programming in ColdFusion, but I could see his point. The immediate subject happened to be my attempted use of CFLAYOUT and CFLAYOUTAREA, which

      was failing on our company servers. The problem turned out to be that we needed to install a hotfix, which solved the problem. However, the suggestion of using JQuery

      out in the open, instead of taking advantage of ColdFusion support, has hovered in the atmosphere.


      Since then, I've done a fair amount of Googling about ColdFusion and JQuery and JSON, since I'm interested mostly in making database queries and then returning

      the results to the same page a user is looking at. The Googling results are not at all encouraging. First of all, nothing jumps out at me offering education about how

      ColdFusion 9 supports JQuery. Second, ditto about JQuery. And third, ditto about AJAX.


      Having done some due diligence, I'm looking for some general pointers about where to look next. The scenario is pretty simple. We have a few simple registration forms

      for events, and I'd like to be able to use AJAX to return database results right on the same page, rather than taking the user to another page, where he/she sees some kind

      of message and has to hit the "Back" button and fill out the form againor sees some success message. AJAX would be perfect.


      To add a little interest to the situation, we also have CFWheels running on the same server. So perhaps leveraging CFWheels might be an option, too.


      In any case, we have a very limited Web developer (me) looking for ways to use ColdFusion and JQuery and AJAX. Are there any URLs where I could go to find information

      and examples and explanations and tutorials?