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    Cannot Access video clips from external hard drive


      I have been using PE9 for six to nine months.  My normal workflow has been to create a separate project file on a 500g external HD. This file includes all video clips (.mov files) and the Project.PREL file.


      This worked great until just recently.  I can no longer bring the .mov clips in the project timeline or sceenline from the hard drive.  Using the “Get Meda” command only an “imcomplete” file is uploaded, and when I try to drag the clip to the timeline, the program is asking me where the file is. Something has changed – and I am not sure what or how to fix it.




      The image above is from a project where I am having this problem.  The clips that have images in them are uploaded from my laptop hard drive.  Other others are from my external hard drive - and those are the ones that the program cannot "locate".  This is what I am trying to understand how to fix.  Again, this just suddenly started happening - so somehow I have changed something, I would think.



      The same clips can be imported when they are stored on my hard drive.  When I try to import them when stored on a video card, the PRE Video Importer opens and I can bring them into the program this way.  However, these are not viable work-arounds for me.


      So what has changed – I cannot determine.  Is there some setting, codec, or something that I can investigate that would cause this? As I said, this only started happening?


      Also, some past projects open correctly and some cannot find the files – even though they are all stored on the same 500g HD.


      Please Help.