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    Remotely Uninstalling old versions of Flash


      I am currently trying to uninstall Adobe Flash using PSEXEC and the command line C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\uninstall_activeX.exe  with an account that has administrative permission to each system and receive a return of "0" from each system.  The issue I have is that I go back and verify and Flash is still installed.  I am able to use this same process on different systems that have other versions, but this particular version does not want to remotely be removed.  If I remote into these systems with my user account, I can use the same command line from the "run" line and remove it.  Does anyone have a solution to this.  What my goal is in all this is to upgrade all systems to the latest version, so that when upgrades come out and the company decides to upgrade, I can use SCCM to push out the new version and run a single line uninstaller and keep the systems clean and with only 1 version to have to worry about.


      Systems are all Windows XP SP3 systems, all have IE-8 also installed.




      Mark Reny

      Network Administration