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    CS5 OpenGl Advanced Grayed Out


      My current ystem includes Windows XP (32bit) SP3 with 4 Gb Ram, ATIV4900 FirePro video card, Dell U2711 monitor (supports 10bit), Version of the catalysts drivers.


      I have enabled 10 bit within Catalyst and went to Prefernces Performance to enable the 'Advanced" mode of OpenGL only to find it grayed out. I searched and read where others had had simila rissues though most were on a 64 bit system. OpenGL version is


      My coputer is using the Dell provided driver for the U2711 monitor.


      I am also using the displayport cable to drive the monitor at its native 2560 x 1440 resolution.


      Any suggestions to get this option un grayed out is appreciated. Thx John

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          Curt Y Level 7

          If Open GL is grayed out it means your video card does not support it.  Update to latest drivers from the mgmt. site and see it it still occurs.  Don't use the Dell or MS site as they may not be the latest.


          It the video card is a chip on the mother board see if you havve the option of adding a discrete video card.

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            jdb37 Level 1



            Thanks for the help attempt so let me try and be more precise!


            My computer was built form individual components so it is not a Dell or other "branded" box. The video card installed is a retail boxed discrete card, the ATI FirePro V4900. It is 10 bit per channel capable and the catalyst software has been configured to enable 10 bit output. I downloaded the very latest drivers from the ATI website and installed.


            The Dell U2711 monitor drivers were installed yesterday. I replaced them with the stock plug and play monitor drivers which had no effect. The Dell U2711 is an S-IPS panel which supports 10 bit/channel display (via Displayport which is what I am using ).'


            Within Pshop CS5, the OpenGl check box IS Enabled. I checked it then went to the pulldown box where I found "basic" and "Normal" to be enabled (slectable) but Advanced is grayed out. it is the Advanced setting I need.


            From a hardware perspective everythuing is set up to enable 10 bit/channel output which is why I cannot figure out the 'advanced" being grayed (ghosted) out.


            I guess next up will be to completely uninstall the ATI drivers user driver cleaner and then reinstalling anew. Just hate doing that if this issue is caused by something else! Thx John

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              Isn't the 10 bit mode only supported on windows 7?

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                jdb37 Level 1

                As far as I know XP supports 30 bit color as long as everthing in the line suports it. IN this case the Catalyst driver has a setting to enable 10 bit output (which I have selected) and the monitor is able to display 30 bit color via the displayport cable (monitor has a 10 bit/ch screen)

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  Ok, my bad your right.


                  Maybe you need to reset the cs5 preferences.



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                    jdb37 Level 1

                    That was about 2 hours of (fruitless) fun! I dleeted the various psp files, unistalled all the ATI drivers then used Driver Cleaner to remove any driver residue before reinstalling the most current Catalyst drivers from ATi for the V4900 card.


                    When all was said and done, I'm right back to where I started. Even tried a different displayport cable. So do not pass go, do not collect, etc. Obviously something isn't talking well. Catalysts Control Center (ATI drivers) has "Enable 10 bit pixel support" checked(trying to embed the graphic)



                    Showing Photoshop Edit_Preferences-performance tab, showing OpenGl is enabled:



                    And the pulldown being grayed out:



                    Hopefully screen captures make it through else this message will really be worthless!


                    Still hoping there is an easy solution as I'm about out of things I can try here!


                    Graphics driver information:




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                      jdb37 Level 1

                      Nope.. screen captures didn't make it!

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                        Level 7

                        If Advanced is grayed out, then the driver is telling Photoshop that it does not support the shaders needed to drive the advanced mode of GL rendering.

                        Check with ATI/AMD -- I'll bet that the driver doesn't support that on XP, and requires Vista or Win7 for full support.

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                          jdb37 Level 1

                          Ill send the request to AMD/ATI.. per all indications the driver is *supposed* to work for XP 32bit. Doesn't mean it isn't  abad driver implementation and of course XP is now relagted to the world of dinosaurs. No upgrades to Win7 64 until mid 2012 here though.


                          I've uninstalled the drivers, cleansed the system of any ATI remnants and then reinstalled the newest drivers from the start and that did nothing to help. Not going to hold my breath on ATI for help though but will try.

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                            I also have GL gray out. When I want to rotate the canvas using the roate tool in Photoshop I get a message that says, "Could not complete your request because it works with openGL enable document windows."


                            I use Windows 7, My video card is NVIDIA Gefornce GT 240M Memory 1024MB (which Adobe said it support it). The current video card drive is 310.90 (up to date.) I called Adobe and they told me to update the drive which I did but the problem persisted.  Can anyone help me with this issue.