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    Is it possible to loan or transfer ebooks.


      My wife and I have individual computers, ereaders, email addresses and ADE accounts. Is it possible for us to share/loan/transfer ebooks we have purchased between ourselves?

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          Unfortunately, an ebook can't be thought of as just an electronic copy of a

          paper book.  Industry standards set up under the Digital Millenium

          Copyright Act of 2000 give publishers, libraries and resellers options to

          share copyrighted materials or not.  Depending on how they set up the

          digital rights for the ebooks you have, you may - or may not - be able to



          In ADE Library view, put your cursor next to the title of the ebook you

          want to share, and click on the small arrow that appears.  A drop-down

          panel will appear, and in the middle of that panel is a section that shows

          the digital rights.  If copying is allowed, then you can copy the ebook

          from your computer to another device.


          ADE will support two computers and up to four ereaders on each one.  You

          can authorize your wife's ereader to your computer and vice versa, so that,

          if you have an ebook you can share, you could download it to both ereaders

          from only one computer.  It's a great feature - and one my wife and I

          'discuss' often, as she has 'technical difficulties' downloading ebooks

          from time to time.  If this 'issue' is important in your household, then if

          the digital rights permit copying, you could copy the ebook from your

          computer to hers, use ADE to load it into her library, and she can take it

          from there.  Just copy the file from your Digital Editions library to hers

          (via whatever method works for you), open ADE, click on the small arrow

          that appears in ADE Library mode next to the word 'Library', and choose

          'Add Item To Library' from the drop-down menu.  A normal system screen will

          appear that will let you locate the ebook, and you can choose it from

          there.  It should appear in the ADE library immediately.


          Hope this helps!