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    How To Edit (Page Numbers) on a pdf Converted Word Formatted File


      I have Acrobat Reader. I wrote a screenplay that I saved on file in Word Doc format. I then purchased Creating PDF Files in order to convert the script into pdf format. After converting into pdf, the page numbers were moved. I then was told by your support representative that in order to be able to edit and reformat the page numbers, I would need to subscribe to Export PDF which I then did. But now I cannot delete page numbers in the wrong place and re-type them in the correct place at the top right hand corner on each page (except the first). I also would need to ensure that dialogue continuing from one page to the next would be properly notated at the top of the next page. In other words, I will need to edit to move page numbers and dialogue lines to properly space into standard screenplay format. But with Acrobat Reader, Vreating PDF and Export PDF, I still have not been able to. What should I do?

      Joachim Hagopian