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    P E 10 won't display video clips


      In PE 10 Organizer when try to play a video clip the following error msg is displayed:  "The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compresser/decompressercodec)  installed". The files imported from my camcorder as .mts. They run in Windows Media Player but not in Quik Time Player.  Earlier .mts file have run in PE 10 but they are no longer runing either. I can't find where one should make a configuration adjustment.  Any one have any ideas?  I'm running win 7 on an i7 processor. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How did you get this video from your camcorder to your computer? Did you use the Premiere Elements Get Media tool?


          Have you opened a new Premiere Elements project yet using the settings for AVCHD video?


          What model of camcorder did this video come from and what settings and format did you shoot it in?


          There are components which Premiere Elements will activate and install on your system if you set up a program for this type of video and use the Get Media tools to download it from your camcorder. We can help you set up your project to do this if you give us details about your camcorder and, if your camcorder shoots in more than one format, which format you shot your video in.


          If this is not video from a camcorder, that's a whole other issue, as the program which created it may not have used codecs the program can work with.

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            DHylton50 Level 1

            Thanks for your information Steve. Tonight I tried to run the video clips again in Organizer and it worked perfectly. I don't know what changed. Perhaps there was magic in your note. I will close this for now but keep your questions so if I have future problems I can furnish better information. Thanks again.