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    Flex Builder (3.0) and Subversion

      I am having an issue with Flex Builder and Subclipse and it seems to get worse over time.

      Flex Builder 3.0 on Mac OS with latest Subclipse Plug-in. Flex Builder VM -vmargs pushed to 1gb total memory size. Most any action that triggers a workplace refresh (SVN commit or SVN update) causes Flex Builder to endlessly refresh the workspace. I end up having to force-quit the application and restart, at which point it usually hangs again. On subsequent Flex restarts, it will hang at the product banner page until one of the restarts loads the banner and then the refreshing workspace window.

      As an organization, we have been using Subclipse for Java (in both native Eclipse and MyEclipse) for years and doubt that it's a Subclipse. It's like it gets confused trying to build and refresh at the same time as I can usually avoid this issue if I turn off automatic building.