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    Downloading Problem - PRS 650


      I used to have my Sony library on a different computer.  I no longer have access to that computer and now when I try to download books already purchased from Kobo, I receive the following error message:  IDS_ERR_MSG_DOWNLOADEDBYANOTHERUSER.  When I contact Sony they told me the problem was with Kobo.  Kobo told me the problem is with Adobe.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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          None of the answers you got are entirely accurate.  When an ebook is

          downloaded, the site appends a small file to it that identifies who

          downloaded it.  All is well as long as the user ID's match up.  However, as

          in your situation, when you change computers, the identifier file will be

          accessed and your current user ID and the former one may not match.  ADE is

          sensitive to this situation, and won't let you transfer files unless your

          Adobe ID and the ebook's ID match up (because of copyright law).


          You don't 'fix' this problem.  What you can do is to try to download the

          ebooks again to your ADE library this time, and then transfer them to your

          PRS-650.  Try contacting SONY to see if they'll let you do that.  Keep in

          mind that, when you set up the PRS-650 with SONY, they presume that they

          will be the main source of downloads directly to your 'Reader Library' on

          your computer.  When I set up my SONY ereader, there was a step in the

          process where I could tell them that I wanted to be able to get ebooks from

          other sources.