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    Handler Help

      Hi I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to call from one script to the other. So say I have two different sprites with Behaviors on them, I would wanna do something like this:
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          You can do that in a number of ways. If you know the sprite name or
          number that you are calling, and it is 100% guaranteed to exist what it
          is called, you can use syntax like this:




          The problem here is that if for some reason, the command is called when
          sprite(2) is no longer on the stage, or a sprite in channel 2 does not
          have the customHandler() method, then Director will crash with an error.

          You can use sendAllSprites() to circumvent that.


          That will send the customHandler() message to ALL sprites. If any of
          them have a customHandler() method, then they will run it. So it may
          happen multiple times if multiple sprites have that method.
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            Edit, already answered, disregard this post. :)