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    mx_internal_uid problem with advanced datagrid

      I have a XML structure like this:

      <Projekti ...attributes>
      <Tehtava ....attributes />
      <Tehtava ...attributes />

      And I'm populating advanced datagrid with this hierarchial data, so I can get a tree view in datagrid where there is Projekti -nodes and inside them is the Tehtava-nodes.

      When I bind the XML, and the hierarchialdata (that is created from the XML) flex automatically adds <mx_internal_uid>a324235351514......</mx_internal_uid> -nodes inside of the Projekti-nodes. And this causes empty folders added in a tree view when user clicks them.

      Is there a simple way to:
      a) prevent thos uid-nodes being created?
      b) filter thos <mx_internal_uid>-nodes out from the dataprovider of the advanced datagrid?