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    Tracking & searching


      I want to generate a searchable PDF-file using InDesign CS3 v. 5.


      I use Character Styles for tracking specific words to 200/1000 em.


      My problem is that when I adjust tracking this way, its no longer possible to search for the specific words in the generated PDF-file.


      How can I solve this problem so all words in the document are searchable again?



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          Mary Posner Level 3

          You might have to experiment with the settings when you export the PDF. Using Press Quality PDF, I get the same thing you did. On the tracked text, the PDF shows the letters in the tracked word as individual letters with spaces in between them. Using High Quality, it does find the tracked word and the spacing is handled along with each character, not as a separate white space between characters.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            Bear with me for a moment...

            I use Character Styles for tracking specific words to 200/1000 em.

            That's a huge amount! Most people get bothered when tracking exceeds 10 or 20. Why are you doing this? Is there another way to accomplish the same goal?

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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              I've used tracking greater than 20/1000 em for small caps, and IDCS4 behaves similarly.  I've also tried setting the Desired Letter Spacing for discrete paragraphs to, say, 60%, as another means for letter-spacing small caps, and again exporting to PDF with the stock Press settings inserts spaces between letters in those passages.  But if I modify the Press settings to Create Tagged PDF, my letter-spaced terms are searchable in the PDF.



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                FindAtlantis.dk Level 1

                Hi John


                Im trying to recreate a book published in 1920. At that time this kind of settings was used to highlight certain words.



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                  John Hawkinson Level 5

                  Thanks for clarifying. I suppose it doesn't lead me to any better solutions as I had hoped it would.

                  I think Mary and David are right, it looks like you can alter this behavior by adjusting the PDF export settings.


                  I am not really clear if this behavior is a "bug" or more like a natural consequence of the way things are designed and engineered...

                  I did try an example as well.

                  Looking at the PDF contents, they don't really look all that different.

                  And Preview.app (Mac) extracts the tracked out text properly in all 3 of High Quality Print, Press, and PDF/X, unlike Adobe Reader.