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    Setting Non Scrolling Region in RH9 HTML ?

    Bryan Holman

      I have been a RH for Word user generating .HLP output files for several years.  A particular feature I like to use in the HLP out put is to set specific Non Scolling regions at the top of topics.  Also including Links (Including Authorable Buttons) withoin those non scrolling regions.


      Due to issues I am having with the current output of 'HLP files in the lkatest version of RH9 I am seriously considering (Many have told me I should have years agp) migrating to a CHM output.  In the process Ihope to convert my current large .HLP project to a RH 9 HTML project and a CHM output. 


      What I would like advice on is 'Is there a simple or non simple way within RH HTML to set 'Non Scrolling regions" similar to what I have in RH for word .HLP output files ?  Is there anyone who can provide me with simple step by step instructions that I could follow to achieve this outcome ?



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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hello Bryan,


          I would suggest you to First open up your robohelp .HPJ project inside the RH HTML Interface.


          File> Open>Locate you .HPJ file


          Now, try inserting TEXT BOX , which would act as a Non-Scrollable Region, you can include several Button within this region and they can be hyperlinked content.


          Insert-->HTML-->TextBox and Add button inside by -- Insert-->HTML-->Form-->Button


          It would appear like this


          You can generate a Microsoft HTML Help ( CHM ) out of this layout.

          Please try this and see if this solves your purpose.





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            Bryan Holman Level 1


            Thanks for the information.  It partially helps with what I am trying to replicate.  The placement of a Text box at the top of a topic certain clearly delineates an area for isolation. just like what would occur in a Winhelp Project by setting a non scrolling region.  Unfortunately the suggestion does not advise me how to set the text box area so as it is 'Non Scrolling'  ie:-  fixed at the top of the topic with text underneath it scrolling.   Are you or anyone else aware of how you might do this (Simply) ?


            Thnaks so Far,



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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



              I would be surprised if what you want is not covered in Rick Stone's Tips and Tricks.




              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                Bryan Holman Level 1

                Thanks Peter,


                Had a quick look at the link you pointed me to.  Looks like the topic relating to 'Frameset Overview' will do what I am looking for. Without getting into it, at this stage it looks a fair bit more complicated than what I am used to but probably quite easy once you get used to it.


                In my case I am looking to fix a small area at the top of every topic in my project (Possibly around 1,000 topics).  Having converted the HTML file from a previous Winhelp HPJ project,  I fear I might have to do each topic seperately,  Possibly the case bacause each will be slightly different.  That's life.  Sometimes there is no easy road.



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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi Bryan


                  I'm not sure if it's covered there, but there is a way to accomplish the NSR goal using CSS rules. I believe a guy named Roger Nilsson had some info on it. I may have a link to his site from my CHM file. If memory serves, it is Copperfield Publishing.




                  Seems he had some examples using "Alice in Wonderland" as the text.


                  I recall when I made the switch from WinHelp to HTML Help about 12 years ago that I was really dismayed that HTML Help offered no NSR. I eventually came to terms with it and abandoned the thought of keeping them.


                  Cheers and best of luck to you... Rick


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                    There is a simple way to get a non-scrolling region using CSS. To build a non-scrolling region in RH9, you only need to update or create a style in the project style sheet. No code, no script, but a little work with Notepad or Dreamweaver.


                    Open your style sheet in Notepad or Dreamweaver.


                    In my case, I have modified the h1 style in the default.css file to set the following parameters so the Heading 1 style becomes a non-scrolling region (you might want to create a specific style for this if you use the Heding 1 style more than once in a topic):


                    H1 {
                    font-weight: bold;
                    font-size: 24.0pt;
                    position: fixed;
                    width: 100%;
                    left: 0px;
                    background-color: #CCC;
                    right: 0px;
                    border-bottom-style: double;
                    top: -24px;


                    The two important parameters are "position: fixed;" and "top: -24px;" (in this case, the value is the same as the font-size in order that the title is flushed at the top.)


                    I have also added a background colour to hide the text when it scrolls behind the non-scrolling region.


                    You will want to try this out and play with the values to get the right setting for you.


                    NSR_1 page en haut_LI.PNG


                    The page is scrolled to the bottom and the text scrolls behind the title:


                    NSR_2 page en bas_LI.PNG


                    The drawback is that you cannot display the breadcrumb at the top, only at the bottom.

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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                      Maybe the end of this thread will help you.




                      See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                        Bryan Holman Level 1

                        Thanks to all who have responded. My issue is that in current projects within Robo Help for word, I can eastily set non scrolling regions on various topics by the application of 'Keep With Next' paragraph.


                        In the 2 x Projects I currently work on in Robohelp for ward, I have varying 'Non Scrolling' regions, some with aurthorable buttons that direct users to specific topics that may be referred to in the lower sections of the scollable region.  Because I use lengthy columns with information under column headings, at in some circumstances I wish / need to freeze the table headings row into a non scrollable region.  so again, there is not a consitent universal nonscrollable region across the topics that I expect I could set in a CSS.


                        I am thinking I would need to use a seperate style sheet for each topic, and that is something I would I think prefer to avoid of I could.


                        This is one area that has been detering me from migrating out of Robohelp for word and to HTML,  I've looked at doing it a couple of times, but just don't seem to be able to get my head around the setting of non scrollable areas, that I will need to do when ultimately I am absolutely forced to migrate.  As Peter G has said numerous times, Robohelp for Word has long been on life support, and I fear the time is fast approaching when the plug will be pulled.


                        Again, to evryone, thanks for the help so far, but I'm not sure either of the solutions suggested above solve by issue completely, at best they both have a partial solution.


                        I suppose I'me ultimatly looking for a solution as close as possible to the simple functionality that Word and using paragraph formating provides me in wuicly and easily setting varying (per topic) non scrollable regions.  And wfinally whatever is out there, has to be simple for a newbie and self teaching with Robo HTML to use.


                        Thanks once again in advance for any advice.


                        Bryan Holman

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                          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                          See Item 21 at http://www.grainge.org/pages/snippets/snippets.htm#content re the scrolling regions.


                          As to the CSS, if you are linking then the CSS used will be whatever you define in Project Settings so whilst each topic will have its own CSS it will be working from that "original" and the mapping you define. It should be something you are not aware of once things are set up.


                          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips