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    cs5 HDSLR cross disolve transitions

    Greenmixa Level 1

      Adobe WTF is going on, people have been informing of the most basic of bugs that are still not addressed in my current cs5. I bought the entire master collection less than a year ago of which i just started using premiere a few short months ago only to find that the most used effect in the whole program dosnt work during my application of it over a single HD video file in edit.


      Now i find forums saying this has finally been address in cs5.5? Does that mean I have to buy the new version just to get it to work properly? This is unfair it should have been released before the product upgrade. It is an error that shouldnt be further costed to the consumer. Kind of like a car manufacturer making YOU pay for a recall.


      If things have been sorted out, apologies but I see there has been hundreds of people in various forums over 2yrs that have been ******. Who can repay them for the hours of work to figure out mediocre work arounds?


      If this was apple i would expect a nose in the air but ADOBE? Dont make me loose faith in humanity




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