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    Spry collapsible panels in mobile website

    Lesley Fenton Level 1

      Is there any reason why I can't use spry collapsible panels to organise my content in the mobile version of my website? Will they display correctly on smartphones and tablets or are there known problems?


      I know you will probably say use jquery instead but I want to create dropdown panels containing text and already know how to do this with Spry. I've had a look online for jquery templates which do what I want but haven't found anything yet. The effect I'm after is like what has been used in the Meridien sample project used in the Adobe TV tutorials: panels with a down arrow which reveals the content and then can be tapped to close it up again. I don't know javascript at all and am slow to learn and would really like to be able to take the easy way this time and work with a template (until I have time to learn javascript). Can anyone advise please? Thanks.