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    ANN: New plugin "Install Scripts In Folders" - FREE

    Wiedenmaier Level 3

      Hi there,


      If you want FrameMaker to load  ExtendScripts automatically you need to be locate them in FrameMaker startup directories. But what to do if you want to use a central library which is stored on a server share? You can add these scripts to FrameMaker's script catalog by hand of course. But if you want to make sure all users in your company have the complete and current set of all your scripts, there's no easy way to manage this,


      So the first version of "Install Script In Folders" is out now and it's for FREE!!!


      Once you've installed this plugin (an easy to use setup application is provided and also a msi file) select the folder your scripts are located. All the scripts are loaded in your FrameMaker session everytime FrameMaker is started.

      For more information about this plugin and all of its features see http://www.practice-innovation.de/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=SWATFMINSTALLSCRIPTS.


      So feel free to use it. I'm looking forward to your comments and questions. Any feedback is very welcome (projects@practice-innovation.de).


      A happy new year!