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    Flash Catalyst question


      I have imported my design from Fireworks into Flash Catalyst, here is my question.


      I have two tabs which switches content on my page. Right now I have one state (page)

      for tab nr 1 and another state for tab nr 2. But when I have tab 1 active and click a button,

      then I want to make changes of the content that is visible when tab 2 is active. Is that

      possible and if so, how can I achieve this?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Yes this is possible. There might a few solutions to it. One idea (untested), would be to wrap your tab 2 content in a custom component. then share this new component across both tab states. But, in state 1, set the visible of the content component to false. That should allow you to target elements within the content component. Then when you switch to state 2, make the visible of the content component to true.