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    mp3 support in Elements 9


      What do we need to do in order to retrieve media in an mp3 format from our hard drive into Premier Elements 9? I get a generic error, will not recognize the mp3 file.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How are you adding this file to your project? Are you using Get Media/From Files and Folders?


          Although Premiere Elements will work with MP3s, you'll get much better performance if you convert the file to a WAV using a program like the free audio editor Audacity.

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            mytimbuk2 Level 1

            Yes, get media from.  I'm sure I've used it before... perhaps it was in Version 3 before I upgraded, but it doesn't work now for mp3 in version 9.  I converted it to WMV or whatever the windows audio is and it worked fine.  Just another quirk I gues....  The strangest one I've seen yet is no "back to start" button, have to use the HOME button on my numbers keyboard. Just glad I was able to find someone who suggested that.